Powerful and rich ecosystem of hardware product

Security sensor
Video camera
Security gateway
Access control
Health monitoring devices
Contact sensor
Water detector
Infrared human sensor
Emergency button
Audible and visible alarm
Smoke detector
Low-power 4G bullet camera
Compact security camera
Pan-tilt camera
Outdoor security camera with floodlights
Alert IPC with built-in gateway
Ceiling PTZ camera
Wired security gateway
Wireless security gateway
Wi-Fi security gateway with the alerting feature
4G security gateway with the alerting feature
IR + Zigbee AVS security gateway
Wi-Fi security gateway
Face recognition access control
Visitor registration kiosk
Visual intercom system
Sleep band
4G location tracking watch
Fall detector
Blood pressure monitor
Body fat scale
Emergency button

Smart Security Developer Platform

Based on the open aPaaS and iPaaS abilities in Smart Security developer platform, provides solutions for both integration and be intergrated, also build pan-security scenario solutions with developers
Smart Security Developer Platform
Product Advantage
All users covered
one-stop management of home and business security scenes, realized with lightweight applications; Achieving two-way closed-loop solution of home and business scenes
Manage and monitoring of various types of pan-safety equipments and. alarm applications, provide various scene application solutions for everyday life, production and industrial safety
Full chain solutions
provides End (terminal equipment), Tube (communication module), Cloud (IOT cloud), Application (SaaS), full chain product solutions
Fully open for developers
IoT capabilities, business management, and scenario capabilities are fully open, helping developers to achieve rapid application construction and platform entry through low-code development methods

Our Customers

Brand Channel Provider

No need to invest in technology, quickly build and implement a complete set of smart security self-service solutions, and establish your own security brand

Security Service Provider

Flexible hosting service model, professional police handling platform, help provide fast, accurate and comprehensive security guard service

Solution provider

Provide enterprises and organizations with centralized monitoring and management solutions for multiple scenarios such as video, security, environment, energy monitoring, etc

Hardware manufacturer

Quickly realize product intelligent closed-loop, connect to Tuya ecology, and use Smart Security Service platform to empower products


Our Vision

We hope to work with our partners to integrate security into various scenes of production and life, and make security smarter and more efficient
Our Vision